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The Recliner Specialist is a locally owned and operated business. With more than 19 years of experience Recliner Seats.

Our working process

With almost two decades of experience in manufactoring customised modular recliners, lounge suites and home theatre... 


About our online store

With almost two decades of experience in manufactoring customised modular recliners, lounge suites and home theatre seating to suit the configuration of your home.

The corporation, established in 1998, is registered in the name of Lane Import & Export International CC and trades as two entities, viz.

Sofafurn Industries, situated in Jacobs Durban. Being 110% B.E.E. and H.D.I.compliant with a staff compliment of 16, occupying a factory of 1100m².

Recliner Specialist (Recliner Chairs), is our retail division with showrooms in Durban, Cape Town & Newcastle. Recliner Specialist has a staff compliment 5.

Recliner Chairs Raw Material

  • Recliner mechanisms imported from Belgium. Mechanisms are ISO 9002 compliant.
  • Timber planed to accurate thickness to meet high quality standards.
  • High quality foam & fiber used for maximum comfort.
  • Extensive research is carried out by our R & D team when a new product is launched.
  • Seat frames are reinforced with 2mm steel plates for maximum strength.

Recliner Specialists Core Business

Supplier to National Renal Care

  • Created by our Research & Development Team together with the dialysis clinic has been perfected for dialysis treatment.
  • Maximum reclining in order to relieve drop in blood pressure. Maximum comfort with a soft back rest, head pillow, soft padded arms, and side Pockets.
  • Pockets for magazine have been incorporated. Velcro straps as a special feature to anchor blood line.
  • Nurses are able to recline the patient to the maximum allowing his feet to be higher than the head when the blood pressure drops, of which they were unable to do previously with the old chairs.
  • The corporation has 80% of the market share on dialysis recliners.
  • We have also received orders from the patients who have used these chairs at the clinics

Blood Donor Recliners

  • Adjustable arm and cocktail tray Chair stands on a platform – Helpful as the nurses do not have to bend to assist the donors (eliminating back pain for the staff).
  • Unicurl fiber head pillows for extra comfort and catering for various heights of the patients.
  • Recliners also manufactured for mobile clinics.
  • Sole supplier to South African National Blood Services (SANBS).

Oncology Recliners

  • Remote controlled recliners – allowing patient to rest in comfort after treatment.
  • Lift & Tilt mechanism – assists the patient with standing up and sitting down with minimum effort.
  • Supplier to GVI Oncology, Dr. Parag, Parklands Hospital and Kingsway Hospital, EW Pope, Dr. Khan at Entabeni and Phoenix Hospitals and National Renal Care.

Pediatric / Private Wards

  • Slim design, ideally fir between beds for mothers, to relax or sleep.
  • Manufactured in a fabric of your choice, i.e. Synthetic leather, fabric or genuine leather.
  • Also specializing in: Recliners for the Aged / Retirement villages with minor adjustments to the arms, back extra padding, castors etc.


  • Full range of recliners: Push-Back, Recliners, Glider & Swivel, Motorized, Motorized Lift & Tilt and massage cushions.

Home Theater & Lounge suites

  • Suites are made to suit an individual family, catering for their specific needs.
  • Home Theater is now very popular with are unique multiple recliners with platforms for additional rows for the cinema effect, also manufactured by us.

We work through every aspect at the planning